October 15
What a great way to introduce our guests to the new fashion week, with something of a retrospective love letter to Moscow and its inhabitants by Slava Zaitsev, known internationally as the master of Russian fashion.

A romantic presentation introduced the audience to Zaitsev’s love for Russia’s capital, as major events from Moscow’s history unfolded, told in the form of a varied yet classical collection. The tableaux started with the launch of the “New Look” fashion in the USSR by actress Lyudmila Gurchenko in a famed Soviet hit “The Carnival Night,” moved on to Gagarin’s trip to space (personified by rather rocket-like looks), remembered the futuristic Moscow Olympics of 1980 (shown through several athleisure garments in classic Soviet white and red), and finally took a peek at the construction of the Moscow-City business district (represented by several sleek, elegant outfits).
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Russia
fashion shows of Slava Zaitsev
June 30
Overall, Zaitsev presented a very vibrant and varied collection – sarafans and sheer silks with wild, bright patterns accentuated every look. The use of bold jungle greens, reds, and animal prints were a daring choice that Slava could easily afford. Many patterns and colors were reminiscent of the renowned Pavlovo Posad shawls, but everything had something special to say. Leopard print was plentiful, and new look-style round hats and accessories fit these light but powerful aesthetics beautifully. The collection presented an image of true Muscovite beauty, opulent yet classical, understated yet wild.

The finale was especially touching, as Slava himself rose from the audience to thunderous applause. A standing ovation showed that the appreciation of Slava’s talent is alive and well in the heart of Moscow.
The Paris Couture Fashion Show
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