© 2021 Slava Zaitsev
© 2021 Slava Zaitsev

Reflection of the soul

The scent of perfume is a sophisticated reminder of a desire shared with another person. It demonstrates our personality, our internal the power we give birth to, the luxury we strive for.
For me, the scent of a perfume is a natural extension of fashion That is why I believe it should accompany all my creations. I have been dreaming of creating a perfume collection which now cases my style for many years.

I have always wanted the fashion in my shows to be complemented by exclusive fragrances that work together in perfect intimate union.
My dream has come true.


In order for the dream of the Great Couturier to come true , the greatest representatives of the perfumery world were invited by Jean-Philippe Kobryner .
Thus, from the noblest raw materials of the historic Maison Robertet, 6 precious fragrances were composed under the name Caesar Paris. Each of the perfumes that Slava Zaitsev offers contains the soul carried by each of his Haute Couture collections. This is the image of the models he has designed, the rustling of fabrics, the quest for harmony and the unique. If the fragrance has fleeting elegance, its refinement, on the other hand, is timeless.
Today, thanks to the work of a high-level team, an original idea illustrates the spirit of the designer himself, who is enthusiastic about bringing to life this unique palette, the one that personalizes the work of his whole life.The symbolic alliance of cutting scissors and the perfume organ!

Six original haute couture fragrances in the collection

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