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    Starting a partnership with Caesar Paris

    So, in 2018, in Paris, Slava Zaitsev meets Jean-Philippe Kobriner, a businessman already known in France for his developer talent. Despite the language barrier, the conversation highlights a common concern about the sustainability of the Slava Zaitsev brand and its development abroad.

    Co-operation arises around many projects, and Jean-Philippe Kobriner decides to support Slava Zaitsev to continue to waltz the Russian soul.

    Later, Caesar Paris is founded, specialising in the production of Slava Zaitsev brand which is part of the KBR group, of which Jean-Philippe Kobriner is president.


    Creating a collection

    Magic is made possible by the work of the great noses of the historic Maison Robertet.From the noblest of raw materials, Maison Robertet has created 6 precious fragrances that epitomise each person’s creativity. for life.

    The unique bottle was created by renowned French perfume designer Sylvie de France. She knew how to adapt the couturier’s universe, his personality and his history from the designs of Slava Zaitsev, while applying his creativity to Haute Parfum.

    Today, thanks to the work of a high-ranking team, the original idea of rare sophistication illustrates the spirit of a designer who himself is passionate about bringing this unique palette to life. Thanks to it, Slava Zaitsev still continues to waltz into the Russian soul.


    Slava Zaitsev’s universe wouldn’t be complete without a range of perfumes. He has been working on fragrances for years to develop a new fragrance to match his universe. By adding high perfumery to his repertoire, the house is adding to his vision of what is to be a new decade for him.
    Zaytsev has teamed up with one of France’s most recognised experts in the French perfume sector to create the house’s new perfume line, a fashionable fragrance, an ode to life. Each fragrance will incorporate a different facet of the brand.

    Check out the new Slava Zaitsev perfume collection on the manufacturer’s official CAESAR PARIS website¬†

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